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Attractions for children

Family holidays in Fiss

Fisser Flitzer

The fast-paced ride on the summer mountain coaster begins at the Möseralm. With a total length of 2,200 m, you "toboggan" at up to 45 kilometres per hour over bridges, past the “Indian village”, through various tunnels (ice cave, "burning barn", “jungle cave”) down to Fiss.


Weightlessness for a moment?  If you like to be whirled through the air at high speed and love the tingling sensation in your stomach, then the Fisser Skyswing is just right for you! There are three different levels – from a gentle sway to a somersault, everything is included.

Golden Man Trail

The children's show mine at Schönjoch is the starting point of the Golden Man Trail. Eleven educational stations also lead to the destination via mountain paths, wobbly bridges and play stations...

Hög Adventure Park

There is a lot to experience around the Högsee Lake: everything revolves around Alpine farming and forestry. You will also find a bee house there.

  • Giant milk jug with the story of how the Högsee Lake was formed.
  • Högsee Lake with shallow water area, rafting course and diving tower
  • Boat hire (pedal boat, kayak and stand-up paddleboard)
  • Water labyrinth
  • “Alte Stallung” (“Old Barn”) ability parkour
  • Lumberjack playground for young children
  • Wooden ball track
  • Schneisenfeger Family Coaster
  • “Wabbelwiese” ("Wobble meadow") for bouncing, playing and wobbling
  • Reflection path to the Hög family chapel of lights
Georama Lassida

Attention amateur researchers! At the Georama Lassida (Lazidbahn mountain station), everything revolves around rocks, minerals and fossils. In the large excavation site, you can search to your heart's content. Skill and balance are in demand on the motor skills trail.